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    Might it not be does the in the mind have ghost?Term board director, I want to ask a person who protect the department to supervise and control teacher Liao first, after all he is the suspect who contuses a student."Really should an old words, the person shamelesses without equal in strength, Chiu big strange insatiably greedy, more and more Deng nose last face."I see have no a necessity, for teacher Liao we still can believe of, otherwise can't invite him, either to be a teacher."The president finally spoke up and avoided old Liao's unexpected calamity.Liao's learning a soldier has already must made a firm decision to lead director's some color for the Xun of this two brains to see can not."Since so, we at once rush through past."Allow iron Lin Shuo.Liao learned a soldier to stand:"If the affair combines to be different from the Chiu director says of so, so invite Chiu's director be the facing to of whole school teachers and the students apologize."He beats to settle an attention in case of doing not go an at most not appropriate teacher and beat mercilessly Chiu Be big strange to walk, who also block not to live him."Hum, all of what I said is personally see!"Chiu is big strange to repeatedly emphasize.A group of people walks to 304 dormitories, Chiu big strange body first private soldier Anthony Davis Kentucky Jersey, pushed to push door, incredibly the lock lived and just hadn't already been getting worse?He has to knock on door first and follow to say:"If nobody at in, invite dormitory managing person to come to help to open."The doorway opens, is dressed in a generous nightgown in Li Yu and has a drowsy look ground to come out:"Chiu's director has what matter?"So the door sew a to open, Chiu is big strange have already seen hall an inside clean and neat clean and spotless, he is secretly astonished, say:"I come to check your dormitories and hear that you have an excrescent circumstance here."It was crowded to open to walked into in Li Yu.President, allow the wood of iron, Liao to learn a soldier to follow to walk into.Appearance with impatient look in Li Yu washed away to learn a soldier to blink to blink eyes at backmost Liao."Yi, how may?I just and clearly ……"Chiu Be big strange to get a shock, mouth Zhang De good enough to deglutition apple, look about everywhere first some kind of, clean and neat get beyond the limit, although Office of the Dean of Students has been emphasizing that the student wants to keep dormitory hygiene, but, this was different from bull pen too much?The floor is shining can Jian, slip not slightly carefully and then will fall down, have no dust also have no always all abstain continuous cigarette butt Ben Simmons Lsu Jersey.The corner of wall has no garbage, the table chair puts orderliness, and the window way still has a flower."Have they already cleaned dormitory?Impossibly, I will definitely find out clues!"Chiu is big strange to is flurried, the whole hall turns around and even gathers together wall feet to look for the blood stain that may subsist.Allow iron the wood have already shown unintentionally an interrogative look in the eyes,is Chiu big strange to be telling a lie?"Chiu's director has been already released from school, we have to be homing right away.Don't know what contents you want to check?All of us are a Zun Ji obeys the law of good student, concerning that kind of dig the privacy and Wu sinks a good person of the business never do."Beside add oil to add vinegar in Li Yu. Is later on a free activity time at 5:00 p.m., be not inside the old student can directly go home, Wang Long's receiving persons like soldier,etc has already walked.Chiu is big strange to open room, the inside is empty none person, he is like a pitiful man of red almond wall to doubt wife, since hasty and disorderly, turn over everywhere in the room.The set lived by this kind of student, there are two rooms, two students live a , Chiu is big strange to finish running a run again a , the full head big sweat ground rushes indiscriminately."Chiu's director asks the privacy that you respect a student!That is my private product!Please remember you aren't FBI that supports world peace, there is no this power!"See Chiu big strange in Li Yu is turning over his/her own desk and letter magazine, loudly speak to stop. The face that allows an iron wood already black such as dark cloud Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Jersey, if Chiu Be big strange to commit tomfoolery like this again, the lightning flash roll of thunder will soon come.As the board director of school, allow iron the wood don't hope to take place matter like that, Chiu is big strange to him display the photograph of dormitory blood stain, declare is clap in the No.304 dormitory, the oath solemnly pledged guarantees personally see, just agree to come to inspect. "You!"Chiu is big strange to suddenly point at the nose in Li Yu to roar a way:"Your face last body up how harm so more?Whether just got who beat?Speak, I will make decision for you!" The Xun leads the director's bad reputation obvious to all in the school, would rather choose to believe that a head of sow can't believes him, either in Li Yu, besides this matter speaks extremely disadvantageous to oneself, he is impossibly stupid to this extent, light say with smile:"Just caught a cold to get a fever, dizzy, fall and hurt while coming downstairs steps of, there is opinion?" Chiu big strange glimpse term board director's facial expression Derrick Rose Memphis Jersey, the hasty desire finds out a breakthrough to order and starts to grasp his hand and display that toward the other people swollen get wide of the mark wrist, way:"Fall off?How can fall off into this appearance?I see you are to fear someone Yin Wei, don't dare to speak, to, you must be a tell a falsehood!" Liao learns a soldier to block to approach Chiu who become mad the situation big strange:"Chiu's director please don't harass my student again, all of them are the kids of morally upright docile, term board director, you should know exactly who is telling a lie."Say to have a little smart in small way towards making in Li Yu an expression of eyes, this boy, but still not enough clever. Understand in Li Yu, Wu's writing is been big strange the hand holding tight by Chiu to cry of utter anguish to bellow:"Oh!My hand!Chiu's director, you know perfectly well a way, I have already got hurt, why still knead must make an effort so?Chiu's director, you must be at to we two years two classes of stroke revenge?Although we class the discipline isn't too good, can you also have no call to put poison in a hand?Alas! Alas!, the pain dies I ……I wanted physically disabled ……I want Bureau of Education and complain the teacher of the tulip senior high school and interrupt the student's hand." Allow the iron wood's facial expression to change:"Chiu's director please release him!" In Li Yu on doing not do two endlessly, the straight-tempered performance plays enough complete set and starts to beat to roll on the ground and didn't expect and too is dizzy with success, hand really twisted to get hurt, immediately the interjection suddenly turns Gao Kang, sad and shrill and matchless, the weeping and sniffling flowed out. President's way:"Is quick call doctor, Chiu's director must be lane broke this kid's hand!"He still hopes Liao learns a soldier induction bubble girl 108 recruit, the Chiu big strange everywhere discredits Liao to learn a soldier, the desire expels his campus, and it make the old president that never would like to give offense to a person don't already angry and see a form immediately Yin breeze and light will-o'-the-wisp. The interjection disturbed many students who haven't gone home Gordon Hayward Butler Jersey, everyone gathered at the door to round a view, you a talk my language to blame Chiu big strange:"!Chiu's director and then is beat°upping a student, true cruel!""Yes, this kind of school not the ability Be getting more foolish, I want to say to drop out from school with my mama, there is one Xun like this leading a director, perhaps live however the senior high school is three years." The term board director says with smile:"The classmates, affair be not you imagine of so, everyone plays, we still need to handle some official business."Stretch hand anti- lock in a dormitory doorway, stired the notice doctor of telephone, to Chiu big strange talk:"Chiu's director, please explain for a while exactly and what is the row!"The words say voice the color accompanies fierce, don't take one silk feelings, see to move true Nu. Liao learns a soldier the way is also:"Chiu's director, you living to fabricate photograph Wu Mie my class, now such as what you expected to dormitory check, basically isn't the circumstance that you say, you still have what good explanation of?Blood stain?What about blood?The all things wants to pay attention to evidence, your without any reason dirty person is innocent I don't want to pursue as well, but you unexpectedly at term board director eyelid the underneath interrupt my the student's hand, reckless, cruel must make people furious Ja Morant Murray State Jersey, there is also law of the land?Is there still nature's law?" Voice the voice"tears of blood" sues, Chiu is big strange hard from the Bian, way:"I, I just lightly caught him for a while, useless dint!" Liao learns a soldier to raise the wrist in Li Yu, top four Yu the black trace is a hair to hit down with the chair four be juxtaposed together of metal run into of, look at this time, is like a grasping of finger scar:"Term board director, you see, clear is Chiu's director to grasp such.I taught so several years of language, finally comprehension'man with heart of a brute'the meaning of this phrase!"

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