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    Term board director only afraid result in the influence on reputation in the school, hurriedly pull form master Liao of indignant personal character integrity to learn a soldier, say:"Teacher Liao, not the strategic area moves, this matter I will carefully handle.""What!You!"Chiu is big strange to know he or she's indefensible, stired again and again by the Liao, also can bear and regret deeply in the heart:"I excited too much, early knowing shoulded in advance set out to beat to have no confidence well and not of battle.""I ask director of Chiu to compensate this student's loss James Harden Arizona State Jersey, the medical fee, nourishment fee and mistake work fee, spirit loses a fee, if you don't promise, student's parent will definitely tell you, I can also be used as an eyewitness to appear at court to testify with Mr. president."Liao learns a soldier to manage Rao not person, don't pass up the opportunity of whichever blackmail, the Chan hands in Li Yu arrive a chair to sit in seat of honor like. Not the term board director's desire affair makes greatly and says:"Chiu's director, no matter how it is, say that you carry a certain responsibility, compensating a part of medical expenses is as it should be, the concrete amount of money waits doctor to come again say."The doctor soon arrives to, has already changed a male doctor and checks scar to say:"The wound isn't very heavy, but will influence an activity."See the air that a board director and presidents are all one face concern, wish:"This student could it be that what the big officer's childe?Incredibly let the board of directors exclusively is sent person to call on."Hence open some nearly the expensive medicine of more than 2,000 pieces. Chiu is big strange to know to can not help to take out money for him, the meat is painful to die-the doctor and all of butchers are this, kill a person not to show consideration noodles. The term board director sees nothing important big Ai and let go of half worry:"I see this matter need not reported a board of directors, Chiu's director, you compensate this student's 5,000 pieces of medical expenses."Enlarge quantity 100%, have already lost money to seal oscular meaning as well, attempt to block up the student's mouth not to make him blather. Chiu is big strange to hand a wall just don't make he or she fall down:Salary cash award all the preservation is in the that old woman Niang hand in home and take what to money?Don't give, the board director turns over a face, the post cans not guarantee will more miserably.His in the mind held to turn over Liao to learn soldier and 18 ancestors in Li Yu, the facial expression palely said:"BE BE, this money I tomorrow bring over here, let this classmate have peace of mind to keep a good condition of the injury.""Now that nothing important Jimmy Butler Marquette Jersey, we return to, don't bother the student's rest."The president completely became a decoration, the Chou empty son secretly learned a soldier to say to Liao:"All four day, has your plan exactly already planned and prepared completion?""You trust like, I am following the madam's movements route, wait over the weekend again good and you the amount of company is some kind of." Allow iron the wood and Chiu is big strange to walk on the road, allow iron of Lin Dao carry hands on Lin Dao's back, a speech not the hair walk fore noodles, led to very long return overdo:"Chiu's director, you later if make a similar mistake again, I will definitely report a board director to punish yours.If not that your cousin, I am just lazy to manage you."Liao learns a soldier to seek to send greetings an of borrowing of student to continue to stay in the dormitory. "Need not packed, they all walked far.""Teacher, your returning is really severe, all teachers most the afraid Xun lead a director and was made drill ground by him to stand for a week because of spitting saliva last semester of'every Monday star'." "He tomorrow take money for you, I nine you a, how?""Is all to you become.The teacher tells the truth, you exactly whether mix an underworld?That Lee flies the eldest brother of seeming an elder brother Mao, you even he isn't afraid, too fantastic." Don't arrive ten thousand to can not help Kemba Walker Uconn Jersey, the mafia identity absolutely can not reveal, unless Liao learned a soldier to want to break jar to break to fall off, that again be another matter, "what mafia white way ecliptic vagina of, do you see me am that kind of a people?I hated an underworld most ."Old Liao pushed to push glasses and greatly delivered a Jue phrase:"I was the student of a good both in character and scholarship since the childhood, my ideal was to teach to teach a person, guided each student to the correct road to come up.My this person abhors evils as if they were enemies and helps victim of an injustice so much, usually never hesitated to do what is right.As for your question, should be that I why will fight?" Repeatedly nod in Li Yu:"Teacher, you definitely once did what boxing method?" "A person's courage does out.I have already said with you in the bar yesterday really know, my childhood was very poor, the understand matter managed early for the sake of being not despised by the other people and only made oneself strong." Is most interested in this kind of topic in Li Yu, stretch neck to ask:"How to make oneself strong?" "The Jiao Jiao of each profession is all strong, study to write no matter, still literature art, engineering computer and business sale, more or the Tao muck wash a toilet, want ~only well done, dare to neglect you for the nobody.You don't want to always tie down by taste to fight this aspect Kevin Durant Texas Jersey, although body strong someone of the head quarter fears you, not war but bend the person's soldier, that is the strongest."Old Liao speaks contentedly. As if deep in thought in Li Yu, "say so, the teacher is to want to make me develop my own specialty to?But beat in case of someone how I do?""Blue sky daytime, the universe of Lang Lang, how can does someone without cause beat you?""Is it someone that beat me this afternoon?""Trust, the teacher will protect yours.In fact I am young ever and studied in a martial building for several days, effort, if the your midterm result made me satisfied, I would consider to teach you several recruit.""Really?Reach agreement verbally?""Reach agreement verbally."Liao learns soldier's mouth up promise, the in the mind says:"The mood that is the whole to see big Ye." 5:30 has been already led and thinks of the set that this afternoon's football league match draws lots a cent, be been big strange by Chiu drag along don't in time go in command of adjust a degree, at this time just hurried rush through into a gymnasium.Draw lots have been already ended Kyrie Irving Duke Jersey, greatly parts of persons all walk, grasp one personal inquiry, just know 2 classes to divide in the C set for two years, didn't compete today, breath a sigh of relief. Student confiscates he or she to notify in 5:00, the main member of team all walked about and calculated, make them take a rest for a day.Drive Hally motor to go home, have meal, the quiet etc. Feng, Sung jade Hao and remaining settled the bitchy trip of building. Liao learns a soldier and seldom has a time and remembers these processes that come to be a teacher, he discovers that he is too simple, lack of experience, bears a teasing of student, think that time grew their president of association into of, oneself has some and has too many fears at the same time and fears and loses this work. Tell the truth, he which student haven't communicated to once talk, is he this age, don't communicate how to can explore the thought of knowing the young man?Oneself is a form master, not only teach language that course everyone 100 cents enough, also need to guide their hearts. But how guide the student's heart?Be like similar unpleasant to look at in the hooligan strike and kick?This is absolutely impossible, but beat to close Mu cloud yesterday he didn't regret as well, being a person always had to have bottom line. In the mind entertain foolish ideas, don't surmise a the reason why, the power considers as to do 1 line to love 1 line, hereafter slowly grope for in the fulfillment again.The way head quarter has of, haven't the people of the past already said, even if is horizontal at at present is a high mountain Larry Bird Indiana State Jersey, also want to pass by its trip.My old Liao lived half generation son, the half body covered up to bury of person, also fear to teach not like 40 how many small young? The next door incredibly and again spreads to fight to beat and scold and chemisette whimper voice, should be Tan Zi Qing again drive she the boyfriend that has soft rice beat?Originally didn't want to realize, but again Cun way:"Somehow that is lying paralyzed by drink she hand me to come in and see to is personal woman with pretty good article, is a neighbor to mean at family care should nothing important." Push door a to see, indeed as expected such, the family of female neighbor didn't close and had no other people to round a view luckily, if growl Yuan burned-out Gao Yin's trumpet concusses full whole building way, the soft rice Zi grasps Tan Zi Qing's hair to press she to the ground and scolds:"I said an excessive little time!Do I want to buy clothes to know?Must ast least have then an Oman Ni can go out to appear in public, you and then hide money to where go to?Keep a small white face?I hold your ancestor!"

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