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    "Is an apartment here, you already the interference arrive inhabitant of normal life.Still have, you are infringing upon human rights of others, please immediately stop this kind of to falsely be of behavior."Liao learns soldier's side to say that the side digs booger."Liao's eldest brother ……" Tan Zi Qing called a , behind of the words didn't speak, but was full of to ask for help in eye of crave for."What Liao's eldest brother!He is the small white face that you keep, no wonder that insist on to move to here to live, hum, two dog men and women do a firewood very hot fire ……"the soft rice Zi envy fire to offend at heart, have already done not recall that very day is how Be getting more black-and-blue, the Si roars threat:"Say quickly, he did you how much time, indeed as expected Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, a see you are a dissolute woman."Tan Zi Qing this words say vulgar and matchlessly, and then abashed again spirit, defend way:"You don't want to blather, I and Liao's eldest brother pure innocent white basically nothing important."The soft rice Zi pushes over Tan Zi Qing on the ground and wants to hurtle over to teach Liao to learn a soldier, eventually is a heart to save a Qie idea, Liao learns a soldier to dismantle cigarette butt, the thumb buttons up middle finger and makes an effort a to play, the cigarette butt goes to again quickly again hasty, beat on soft rice Zi face, the Pa ground splashes an a few sparks. On touching a right face, is already a hot Liao bubble, soft rice Zi fury is thoroughly sparked, not dispute result, also not think that oneself has cure of success and rushed toward to come up.Deal with this kind of person much more needless big effort, Liao learns a soldier to easily knock down he, be Tan Zi Qing's noodles to give a sound beating, again kick downstairs steps."You why with this kind of person's friendly intercourse?"Liao learns a soldier to help to tidy up to dash to pieces in the living room of bottle cup, tidy up the sofa and TV console of moving, ask a way."Many thanks to your Liao's eldest brother."Tan Zi Qing didn't answer face to face, the Chi opened a topic. Liao learns a soldier not to like a busybodies and also cannot helps but asking a way at this time:"What?You have what difficult speech of concealed?Speak, I can help of help as far as possible." "Have no, have no, nothing important ……" Tan Zi Qing make the head leading the part do not, not want to make people see her painful with helpless, cover up to say, talk a not from the heart meaning very thick. This boy contains slight character abruption Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey, so attention usually not concentrated, originally still wanted to immediately after say sentence words for comforting, but eyes was had already fallen Tan Zi Qing the Xian beautiful ankle that is dressed in transparent plastics slippers up, unbearable again moves to be wrapped up by cropped jeans of thigh and because of next squat down but present of pants side scar:"Luckily not is wear seamless of ah, otherwise which so fantasize more space." ", Liao's eldest brother, what do you say?""This ……I say that an animated cartoon is called Transformers , seeing will have a lot of imagination spaces, will forget displeased."Old Liao beard Zou way. "Ha ha, thank you, in fact my mood has no your imagination in so bad."Tan Zi Qing action numb the benefit ground sweep floor, feel that letting Liao's eldest brother do these heavy manual labor trifleses is very much obliged, says:"Liao's eldest brother, these live me come dry go, Ai!Carefully, that very benefit of, don't cut the hand.""Have no a matter Be all right.""Ha ha, Liao's eldest brother, you still have peace of mind to sit." Is more polite and then more show 2 people to relate to isn't too familiar Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, can hardly talk what in the mind words, just think if is a person to meet a to get in touch with 34 common friends, also impossible as to it's pour out heart bottom hard water, each other still has mental diaphragm.Liao learns a soldier to wonder he or she not too imagine oneself as the favorite, then push to say to occupy to return to. The clock finally waited until the telephone of Feng and appointed to meet in the rolling of pool road the stone K hall in month at 8:30.This is the foundation that beats a good relation with colleague, although Liao learns soldier's personality very hard, these basic common senses he still understands of, and relax, who would not like to?Roll the stone K hall, one of the month pool well-known road porn trade posts, don't know as well Feng which listen to come of, specify to want go there. Arrive to roll the stone K hall, settle building with Feng, Sung jade Hao and remaining to assemble, the Feng repeatedly gives an account:"If my wife makes a phone call to come over, must unify caliber."Sung jade Hao claps breast guarantee:"Old, you stop worrying, if the elder brother's wife makes a phone call to check Gang, I say meeting in the school, the board of directors is studying and discussing the rising of next month a job plan, relate to a graveness, can not get away." Four personal everybodies wear very thick glasses and act a facial expression to still take the text spirit of scholar and put not to open hand and foot in the entertainment area.But since arrive at this kind of place to affirm isn't a good thing, entered a hall information desk, a coquettish women who hangs "big hall manager" chest card faced to come up and saw Feng and Sung jade Hao Wu from look in all directions, ask a way:"Are four Mr. Weis to see others?" ", This, this, we want to order a reserved box sings Paul Pierce Kansas Jersey.""Does the Sir want beauty to accompany to sing?We just arrived four pure female university students here, did the Sirs want to try?" Listenned to this nakedly ask question, although already collectively dissolute lead once, Feng on lying scholar but always pulling not and below son, speak hesitatingly way:"This ……wait bottom again say." That big hall manager sees their several stuffy Sao kinds with to have scruples abouts, the heart knows that affirmation is to have never seen what world of fatty sheep, this kind of person's killing doesn't acquaint with a price most easily, on being a seldom comes porn place Russell Westbrook Ucla Jersey, the long-handled sword wants how chop down how chop down, two is to is all middle age, have there is room in the house, don't dare to make known, three is to see that stuffy Sao strength, also don't know that the hunger and thirst arrives what extent.Say with smile:"Sir, sing affirmative want the loose, our younger sister here is very passionate hot.""Ha ha, Sir, Lu Fu Gong is the name of reserved box, there is also platinum man temple and Mu Lin Gong, the White House in the gram."Liao learns a soldier on marching forward reserved box, ordered a few dry grape wine and started singing.Is old the Liao's Hao interest greatly deliver and chose a few tenor singer Pa tile in world Luo Di's 《my sun 》s, just unfamiliar with Italian one, affected a show to sing several then hard continue, the Shan says with smile:"In fact this song still has much of a difficulty." "That is little to sing a few lines, drink.Little Liao, I see the Xun lead a director to a little bit think the whole your meaning, you can get to defend."Feng dynasty he raises wine cup. Song Yu Hao says:"To, I also feel Chiu being big strange to have opinion to you." Was Chiu big strange to be still made by me to have no 5,000 pieces today, needless nervous, Liao learns a soldier to say with smile:"With the brains of my tactful, Chiu is big strange to move my one root hair." "Probably you don't know Trae Young Oklahoma Jersey, Chiu is big strange to is the immediate superior that depends us, the educational administration department minister temple snow Lin is the last Xun to lead a director, and their 2 people relates to very deeply.Temple snow Lin this old woman is also a board of directors one of the members, personality and Chiu are about big strange, an all inconsiderate lord." "I defend he be.Might it not be does the educational administration minister still want to wear small shoe for me?" BE saying, file in but go into four girls, supporter short skirt high-heeled shoes, the looks is mediocre, the form permits bad customs, uniformly light blue eye shadow, scarlet lips, mesh of net silk stockings, walk a to shake three to put, the hip wave milk wave sways to spend person's eye. "Feed, is this a pure female university student?How to see how to be like hag, rolling the stone K hall is getting more degenerative." 3 people of Feng are so many beyond the power to care, is a woman good, say again, this strong top a hundredfold of Huang Lian Po that waits kinds of goods to compare a home, in succession elongation neck. Remaining settled building to drink several cup wine, the courage released gradually and clapped a thigh way:"Come to elder brother to sit here." This helped the girl the condition to see many, before head quarter at most the in a short time distinguished at the person that haded weight most , then robbed up to flatter, flank desire's trying to please the person of that person will also feel happy.But these four glasses males, the clothing is common, the looks is exactly general, really can not tell which relatively has generosity of spirit and pour still that is the youngest to see a little bit more easy on the eyesly most culturedly, hence all emulate to sit at Liao learn a soldier flank.

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